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Prodicta FAQ

What is Prodicta?

Prodicta is a new web service that connects Authors and Transcriptionists. Prodicta also helps you manage your dictation workflow.

Can I continue working with my existing transcriptionists?

Yes. If you and your transcriptionist both have a Prodicta account, then you can use Prodicta to make recordings and send jobs back and forth.

Why do I need a Google account?

Google provides the "cloud" technology that we used to build Prodicta. Their technology is built on Google accounts. Having a Google account provides many benefits including Google Docs, optional GMail, etc.

How much does it cost?

Prodicta is free for transcriptionists. More information is on our purchase page.

Can I work together with other members of my group?

Yes. Prodicta supports Teams. You can create Teams, invite people to join your Team, or join other Teams. Jobs are sent from one Team to the work queue of another Team.

Does Prodicta work with my current record keeping software?

Yes. With a small modification to your software system, Prodicta can be used to add dictation and transcription services. A specially conctructed link in your software can be used to start a dictation job in Prodicta. When the job is complete, Prodicta will POST the transcribed result back to your software system.

Is my transcription data secure? or Is Prodicta HIPAA compliant?

Please see our page on security.