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Data Center

The Prodicta servers run on Google App Engine. Google is an expert at maintaining the security of its data centers and has the resources to do it right. Please watch this:

YouTube video about Google data center security


HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It governs the privacy of patient information, which must be protected.

Prodicta is not a Health Care Provider and is not directly covered by HIPAA. Medical transcriptionists are considered "Business Associates". We encourage our medical customers to sign a "Business Associate" agreement with any transcription providers that they use.

Note that the use of Prodicta does not require the storage of"patient identifying" information. That means we do not store the patients names, social security numbers, or other information that could be used to identify a patient. It is important, therefore, that medical related dictation not mention the patient's name or specific occupation, eg. "president of XYZ company".

Please read this US government page on HIPAA privacy.

And this page on HIPAA and medical transcription.