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Recording a Dictation

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There is no obvious way to start a dictation.

The recorder only appears if you have selected the "Dictation" role.

  1. Click Accounts tab.
  2. Click "Profile" subtab.
  3. Check box labelled "Dictation".
  4. Click "Submit" button.
  5. You should now see a "Transcribe" tab and a "Show Dictation Recorder" button.

The recorder does not appear when I click "Show Dictation Recorder".

The first time you click this button it may take 5-10 seconds for the recording Applet to appear. It should be quicker next time.

If the Applet does not appear then you may not have Java installed in your browser. To install Java:

The recording is silent or very quiet.

  1. Do you have a microphone?
  2. Is it plugged in?

You may have selected the wrong microphone or the recording level may be turned way down. Go to your computers audio control panel and check the default audio recording device. That is what Prodicta will use for recording.

Check the recording level. Turn it up if it seems low.

The recording is distorted.

Your microphone is probably too sensitive. Try one or more of the following: